Pinwill Studios Collaboration

Hadley & Me Boutique has been keeping me very busy with numerous different projects! I thought it would be fun to start blogging about them and sharing with our amazing customers (YOU).

Networking is a huge part of business and might be my favorite part. I have been honored to ‘meet’ (virtually and in-person) so many incredible individuals. It is so refreshing to connect with others who are creative in nature and following their passions. (Whoa, I never thought I could call myself creative!) I have learned so much from these fellow entrepreneurs even with our differences in fields!  

I recently networked with a photographer, Freddy, located in San Diego, California. He owns Pinwill Studios and has such a creative eye and talent.  His vision is to not just capture portraits, but stories. One way he does this is by hosting seasonal events! Hadley & Me Boutique was included in the Spring event.

Pinwill Studios and Hadley & Me Boutique have a shared value of modesty. One of Pinwill Studio's values is modest modeling. Here at Hadley & Me Boutique we believe in providing modest clothing! Women do not need to sexualize themselves to get places in the world! This shared value made our collaboration so much easier. 

During the Spring event, Hadley & Me Boutique and another clothing company called 777 collective were sponsors. We both donated a few items from our respective shops. Pinwill Studios held a model call and had models styled in our brands. Freddy was the photographer and JB Norman was also a collaborator with his incredible videography skills.  This event took place over the span of a weekend in San Diego. Unfortunately, I was not able to be there in person so my participation was done remotely. However, they kept me in the loop every step of the way and I was able to truly feel connected and apart of this great event!

The edits on the portraits of the models were breathtaking! I loved seeing the Hadley & Me Brand used and captured in such a unique way! JB put together an awesome video that recapped the event and included interviews from all of us involved! Check it out here: Watch Video

It was so exciting working with such talented individuals and being included in their spring event! They sponsor these events throughout the year so keep an eye on their instagram or facebook to see more!

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