New Beginnings

Hadley & Me Boutique truly believes in empowering every women. One way we have found to do that is by providing beautiful, modest, quality clothing for a fraction of most boutiques prices. 

You can read a short synopsis in the 'about me' section on our website but I wanted to give you more of a personal feel. I love knowing WHO I am buying from so I wanted to give my customers the same respect! 

So I'm Desirae! I have been married for almost 3 years (in April) and have one daughter, Hadley who is 8 months old. Hadley is our little fighter! She was stubborn from the start! We had a difficult time conceiving and once we did, I had several complications and was on bed rest for much of my pregnancy. When it finally came time to delivery, the chord was wrapped around her neck and my blood pressure was dropping dangerously low. Both of us were in a lot of danger and had to have an emergency C-section after 24 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing already. But here she is, a happy and healthy little girl that loves to crawl and eat and say 'dada'.  If you'd like to read more about my birth story on my personal blog, click here.


During those tough times during pregnancy, and even tough times as I was a new mother, she was my inspiration. I always wanted to do right by her. I wanted to make sure that she always felt loved, and valued. I never wanted her to look in the mirror and say negative things the way I did. It made me so sad that someday my daughter might not like what she saw in the mirror. I decided  that I needed to teach her how beautiful her body is. How could I teach her that she was perfectly made and that beauty radiates from the inside, when I was constantly down on myself. If she sees her mom constantly critiquing her body what else will she know? How will she know to love her body?  I knew I needed to work on that. I was just so frustrated with my wardrobe. After just having a baby, my clothes fit weird, and in the AZ heat hardly anything was comfortable. I was in tears every time I had to get dressed for something. Sometimes, I would even opt to just stay home because "I had nothing to wear". 

I strive to dress modestly and finding modest clothes that were cute AND affordable was near impossible. With that problem to be solved, as well as the skills and knowledge I have gained from previous work experience and my degree at ASU, led to this dream becoming a reality.  If I could find a way to provide this trifecta to myself and other women, I absolutely had to. 

Arizona State University Graduate

Arizona State University Graduate


When Hadley would go to sleep, I would stay up for hours researching laws, taxes and logistics. I eventually applied for my business license, trade marked my name, and a bunch of other boring things, and here I am! Our site is live and we are so excited! 

Trade Name Certificate pictured outside of the Arizona State Capitol Executive tower!

Trade Name Certificate pictured outside of the Arizona State Capitol Executive tower!

Hadley loves shopping for inventory with me! She is so fun to 'work' with. Being a mother is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I love that I can run this boutique with my daughter playing at my feet, or on my lap hitting the keyboard ;). 

Thank you to everyone for their love and support. Thank you for your orders! Thank you for your belief in me and my dreams! 

Here is to 2017 and new adventures!