Break the Routine Weekend Ideas

If you are anything like my little family and I, you find yourself doing the same things every weekend. It is the end of a long week and our brains are tired and want to relax! My husband gets home from work Friday and we typically order some food in, put our daughter down and watch some Hulu... So exciting , right? 

I don't like mundane, though! I want to connect, and build memories and do something different. I have spent the morning brainstorming some out-of-the-box weekend activities and thought my followers might want some ideas, too! 

1. Go to a paint studio! Find your local potter/paint studio and create art together! This is a great activity for couples, friends, or families! If you are in AZ, there is a studio called "As You Wish". It's fairly inexpensive. you pay a couple of bucks per person and then the price of the item you want to paint. Not only do you have a fun experience together, but you get an amazing souvenir made by YOU to keep forever. it is a win/win in my book. 

2. Geocaching. My parents used to do this with us when we were younger and it was always a BLAST. There is an app you can download that will use GPS to lead you to your treasures! Once you find something (these are things left by other geocachers), you take it and leave something else in it's place! So bring some fun little knick knacks with you. Some of them are name and time logs so others who find it can see all of the others that happened upon it before them. It's kind of fun to see what you'll find and it's a relatively cheap, if not free, activity. Again, this is another activity that is great for just couples, the whole family, or a group of friends! 

3. Go to a comedy club! I live in the Mesa/Tempe area and am lucky to be surrounded by different types of comedy theaters! One of my personal favorites is at Mesa Riverview called JesterZ Improv.  As suggested by the name, it is improvisation comedy rather than stand up. There are no scripts and they take suggestions from the audience for their skits. Every show is different. This particular theater is family friendly so the content is appropriate for most ages. If you are not in the Mesa area, I'm sure a quick google search can help you find a local comedy theater. Laughing is always the best anecdote after a long week! 

4. Charity! What is a better bonding activity than serving together? Some ideas for you to do include baking treats or taking dinner to the on call firefighters at your local fire station, put together hygiene kits for a homeless shelter - or better yet, make them and deliver them to the homeless yourself as you drive around town, or volunteer at a soup kitchen! Our communities are always needing more people to step outside of themselves and give back! Have fun and feel great about putting goodness into the world. 

5. Make home made pizza! This is a winner if you don't want to leave the house, plus you get dinner and an activity! You can go to the store together (again, kids, couples, families, friends, doesn't matter!) and purchase all of your favorite toppings! Click HERE for my favorite dough recipe! (If you have gluten allergies, WINCO has gluten free crust mix and its super easy to make- and yummy!) You can have a blast making your own pizzas and while they bake, you can play a game, or work on dessert! Then you get to enjoy your masterpieces and maybe even sample each others! 


Whatever you decide to do this weekend, or any weekend, enjoy it! Life is too short to spend a weekend miserable! Sometimes life calls for a netflix binge night, and we all understand that. If you have any other fun ideas, drop a comment and tell us about it! If you take any of our suggestions, let us know how it went!